Heritage Plaza  is a proposed park on a small, vacant lot in Downtown Weed.

It will be a place where locals and visitors can gather to marvel at the

mountain view, share stories of Weed's past and dreams for its future.

Where bands can play and children can laugh and dance.

WeedFest 2015 will coincide with, and celebrate Hemp History Week,

which runs from June 1 to June 7.  Hemp.... the mild-mannered cousin

of cannabis sativa, is a miraculous and versatile plant,

which is only now finally being RE-legalized across America.

Hemp... which can be used to make clothing, paper, nutritious food products,

green and sustainable building materials, clean burning bio-fuels...

Hemp... which requires no poisonous herbicides, pesticides, fungicides

or fertilizer, uses HALF the water of cotton crops, leaves the soil in better condition and will easily grow in the plains around Siskiyou County.

Hemp... has been cultivated for 8,000 years. The King James bible was

printed on hemp paper, Christopher Columbus sailed to America

with hemp ropes and sails, the original Levi's blue jeans were made

from tough hemp fabric, our FOUNDING FATHERS, Washington and Jefferson

were hemp farmers, and the draft of OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION was

written on hemp paper !  Oh... and did I mention... the name of our town is...  


WeedFest 2015

Heritage Plaza  will sit right in the middle of Historic Downtown Weed,

surrounded by vacant, century-old store fronts that are screaming for

new, imaginative entrepreneurs to open new HEMP-related businesses.

About the Concert...